Additional Experiments

Version 1.0  Drafted by John Scinocca, Tim Stockdale & Francois Lott

Some groups may want to conduct additional experiments, to provide further information on the sensitivity of the results to various factors.

EXPERIMENT 5A: As EXPT5, but using a coupled ocean-atmosphere model and predicting the SST, instead of specifying observed values. External forcings could also be fixed so as not to use future information. This is then a true forecast experiment for the QBO, and can be compared with the results of EXPT5.

Further, groups may want to run some or all of the experiments with multiple model versions, to explore the sensitivity of some of the results e.g. to vertical resolution or physics package. Although ideally all experiments would be re-run, this may not be practical. Model versions for which complete experiment sets are available are likely to be considered the “primary” results when analysis takes place.

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