We are interested in assessing tropical stratosphere variability in past and present day global climate models. Not only are we interested in better understanding the phenomenology of a modelled QBO, but we are also interested in knowing why most GCMs can not readily reproduce it. The QBOi questionnaire is designed to identify and collate the phenomenological characteristics of QBO variability from GCMs. The survey makes no attempt to be exhaustive, but instead attempts to balance capturing as much useful information as possible, with a minimum of user calculation, to better ensure user participation.

The questions are (mostly) designed to objectively identify the observed characteristics of a modelled QBO, so that comparisons can be made with observations/reanalyses. However we may have missed out other interesting and verifiable diagnostics which would be of interest to a wider group. What questions would you have liked to have been asked? Do you think the current questions capture most of the salient features of the QBO?

Lastly, we can also arrange for your data to be uploaded to the QBOi project work-space where we can analyse the data for you. Please contact us if this is an option for you.

Please let us know your thoughts?

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